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Credit Analysis/Credit Audit
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  • "Brain Picking" session to ask me any questions you have regarding your Credit Report
  • Game plan & Strategy on how to Dispute
Frequently Asked Questions Here
Can I ask you a quick question before I get started with the Credit Analysis Program?
Yes, you can unfortunately if its a particular question about your credit the session is not a free session it is a paid session for $95 for 30 min ask me any questions you have about your credit.

Can you look at my Credit report I have a few questions I want to ask you?
No, unfortunately due to the demand on my time I cannot take a quick look at your credit report that is why I have the Credit Analysis/Audit service.

I am about to get sued by a Debt Collector can you help me from being sued?
No, I cannot please go see a Consumer rights attorney, if you are our client we can recommend one.

Can I repair my own why do I need to hire you?
Yes, you can repair rebuild & restore your own credit, that is your choice.  If you are looking to learn about your credit,  please go to my Youtube channel for videos that can help.

Is the $99.00 a One-time payment?
Yes, it the payment of $99.00 is a One-time payment.

Do you have an email?
Yes you can email me at
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